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Love the last picture ! Such a big smile :-)


sounds toxic

Shazeen Samad

I love the tones you have brought in this set, Also each image is wonderful here..... Beautiful series Sidney..


It's a pity how many Filipinos are living in poor conditions. But despite the poverty, Filipinos are best known for their strong sense of hope. The smiling faces on your photos attest to this. For me, a smile is one form of hope. :)



I think it's too bad that the lake is being polluted. And the children are swimming in it?


Wowowee! These are great pics Sidney and I drool again in envy. :)


Great shots, but I'm afraid your explanation of the pollution those fine looking people are exposed to is very sad.

Ashwathy Nair

Excellent b&w images....


very nice monochrome toning. too bad the government is not doing anything to stop the pollution. i'll link you up both in my photoblog ( ) and travel blog ( ) if you dont mind!


but still pasig river ir dirtier?


I see you're getting into the old monochrome, Sidney. Love that last one!


Great photos. B&W color presentation did justice to the dying, black and polluted lake due to neglect.

Major Tom

I thought your shot had made the patent squalor as if it is inexistent. The black and white treatment had worked to the maximum...


B-&-W here makes sense, or there would have been color-riot, distacting from the subject matter you anted to present. Great work!


great choice for bw.....reducing all the busy mixed of colors and clutter give the good definition and contarst here...beautiful reflection on the first shot:-))

Mike Dougan

Excellent B&W images.

19 Seconds Of Spring

Great pictures, Sidney... As far as pollution is concerned (and this is not only in Philippines), I have to agree with "She", it's not only the government to be blamed...


Very nice subject and shots Sidney! This is just a reality we all must face. I believe that the government should not be blamed solely for this. Sometimes, people are also to be blamed. Lack of discipline sometimes causes us more than clogged pipes and floods. The pollution in our country can be so overwhelming... Again, great shots :)


And they swimming in it :S


It's just a complete different way of life. I'm stunned to see it. It's beautiful and very captivating. From your description, it sounds like it's a difficult way to live.


Great: a pole village. What an experience, everyday to you, unbelievable to me.


A new series of beautiful and strong shots about dramatic subject!

Otto K.

Great shots, Sidney, and horrible news about the pollution.


this is the true life of Philippines

great worl


These are amazing photographs Sidney and looking at these photos and the lack of solid waste management to this day, just send me into a slough of despond! These are definitely not the photographs the tourism department posts on their websites and the issues their local government wants to deal with.

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